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Guess what with Lead Generating Tools (LGT) professional business tools you can get auto responders, ad tracking & rotators, splash page builder & so much more all for the very lowest price online today!

JUST $19.97 a month, and become a reseller and keep 100% of the sales and make money on all Gold members you bring in under you!

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1. You can giveaway free memberships and keep 100% of a sale on an
    Easy Biz Promoter $5.95 a Month, or Team LGT
with CPanel Hosting
    $8.95 a Month
Upgrade! Your Prospects can Choose the membership
    that is best for them.
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2. You can promote any paid membership or the free membership. Just
    choose a link form your Reseller Tools Area.

3. If one of your prospects upgrade to Gold and becomes a reseller you
    still earn a monthly commission of $4.00 a Month.

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