Are very easy and will not put pressure on you.
Please take into consideration your finances.
We don't want to cause financial hardships, we want to create incomes for all our members.
WE encourage you to go slow and start with requirement #1 and work your way down the list.

Requirement # 1:
Is you Must Join LGT as a paid member Choose which level is best for you. Choose The Gold $19.97 Membership and be able to resell our system and keep the profits and it will give you all that you need to start build a list and branding your self.

Requirement # 2:
Is to join CTP as a free member.

CTP is all about the affiliates that promote them.
You earn rewards, you will go thru basic 1-3 minute videos that help you to
understand how and why to use branding and responders to build a list and make money!

Once you get this far you need to contact Debra or Katrina so we can get you on our ~EASY TEAM Division.!  NOTE: once this team hits 25 we will create ~EasyTeam2  which will establish another team for us showing that we are building a strong team.

: We have created our second team as of Jan 1, 2017 we are *Easy Does It* Team.. Yea this means that we are growing.. :)

Requirement # 3:
Is to join K4 as a paid member.
This will give you an upgraded account in CTP as well as four other programs you will use in our system.  Then You just need to contact me again and let me get you on the team rotator for our K4 members.  Once we help you to get just 2 K4 Members your account is free every month as long as they don't cancel that account.

Requirement # 4:
Is to join PayItKoreWard (PIKW) as a Free member.
This program is hot and the program is only $4.00 a month.. This program I rocking!

Requirement # 5:
Is to join Purium and select a product and order your discount cards.
Pricing depends on your start up order!
NOTE: This program is Approved buy my family doctor for my husband! :)
Start your own Purium business today!

Requirement # 6:
Is to join Xenesta and order a packages.
Pricing depends on product ordered!
NOTE: This program is Approved buy my family doctor for my husband! :)
Start your own Xenesta business today!


We will Coach you on How To Choose A Name for your team. You Are A LEADER!
Congrats You made it!

YOU are to be responsible for your team with our guidance.
We are Creating Leaders, Don't you finally want to be recognized for having KNOWLEDGE to create wealth for you and others?

Sure You Do! Are You Ready To Join Us NOW?
Click on the "JOIN OUR TEAM" tab above.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Debra Chism, Easy Team Leader
Contact Me: safer08@gmail.com
Skype: djseasyteam