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Congratulations on making a decision to do something! Starting today only gets you closer to your dreams. Remember only do for now what your finances will allow. We need to create steady income not steady hardships! If you need help get with Debra or Katrina right away! WE are here for you!

We Recommend That You Use The Same User Name For All These Programs..
Makes finding you a lot faster....  Thank You!

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Is To JOIN LGT Today:   please click on the link below. It contains the LGT affiliate links of our current members in the hot seat to receive their first LGT referral. You scroll down on the page and Click On JOIN FREE.  Once you have created your LGT account and have confirmed it, send me, Debra Chism, your full name, LGT User Name, your sponsor's user name and your best contact email address. I will then welcome you to the Easy Team and will work with you directly in getting you completely set up. When You Log In you will see a (OTO) One Time Offer.. We Highly Recommend that you take this yearly upgrade and let us show you exactly how to use our tools to build a contact list you can then promote to.

Building a list and relationships is the true foundation of your business.
Join us here - You will click on the register button located at the upper right of the page that comes up:
LGT Is UPDATING and new Links will come soon!

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Is To Join (CTP) Click Track Profit:  FREE To Join:  please click on the link below. It contains the CTP affiliate links of our current members in the hot seat to receive their first CTP referral. Again send me your information so I can invite you to our Easy Team in CTP.. we will need your CTP user name... 
Same  HERE NEW links soon

Note: In CTP our teams are limited to 25, once we have a full 25 working members on the team we will need to create another ~EasyTeam group. If you are a K4 member and can work with Debra you could be asked to be the leader of the new team, which we will call ~Easy Does It Team
Step 3:
Is To Join (K4) Kore4:  please click on the link below. It contains the K4 affiliate links of our current members in the hot seat to receive their first K4 referral. K4 is $30.00 a month on  a subscription.
You will have an upgraded account in 5 programs as a result of this payment.

Note: If you are chosen as the leader of our second group, you will have to keep your K4 subscription active or you will no longer be team leader of that group! Important role for someone to build a team. with our help!
Step 4:
Is To JOIN (PIKW)  Pay it Koreward :  It is only $4.00 a month, an excellent program to build downlines in. You can join this free and work your way up to paid when you start promoting and building your downline in there.

NEW ADDITIONS As Of Sept.27, 2015

 We have so much confidence in these next two programs!  I for one have had them approved by our family doctors for my husband. He is disabled and takes many prescription drugs that are just causing a train wreck of his body and immune system. These wellness opportunities are big and moving fast! Our Team Is very close to the top recruiters in both these programs.

Don't Miss Your Opportunity to run your own wellness campaign's!

Step 5:
Is To Join Purium and get on the fast track with it today:

Step 6:
Is to join Xenesta and combine brain power with the powers of marketing and building relationships. 
We Will be looking forward to welcoming you aboard Easy Team and helping you to build your new online business. We are dedicated to helping you succeed!

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