CTP (EZT) Surfing Tips:

Easy Team ~ TEAM TIPS
> Make sure you visit our Team page and send a friend request to everyone.
> Periodically check this site, maybe something new is happening.
> Where possible, always share badges with team members.
> Always load the FRIENDZY card. Team members can then fill your card which, once completed, gives you a shot on the Prize Wheel.
> Say Hi to your team and offer help and encouragement when needed.
> Going to be inactive for longer than a week? Send me a message. You don’t want to be removed from the team for the sake of a message.

How To earn XP and credits:

>Make full advantage of the wands, batteries and game cards (if you have them).
>Use your retweets and get 1,000 XP for NEW tweets (the little red square at the top left of your CTP members area). You can also tweet NEW blog posts.
>Post at the CTP blog, you’ll get 1,000 XP for a limited time.
> Check which exchanges are holding the keys for the Gold and Silver vaults. Surf them! Every 77 pages you will get a key. Get two keys and you can open the vault. Get a minimum of 1,000 XP to 50,000 XP from inside the vault. You can do this as many times as you want.

> Check the Daily Challenge. From the Dashboard, click Teams. It’s just under the box for the Silver Vault. You can really explode your XP points doing the challenges but sometimes they are very difficult to complete.  Do the Daily Challenge along with vaults If you don’t think you can complete the Daily Challenge. Try for at lease tier 4.
> NERD SURF – you’ll get an extra 10% for surfing at least four NERD sites at the same time.  These are also the sites where you use batteries to increase the credits you earn. There are also 100,000 XP badges in ILH, SX and Thumb (randomly after 1000 pages).
> Surf these 4 Traffic Exchanges At the Same Time for a 35% Surf Bonus.
Work As A Team To Fill the GPS Meter and Generate a Site Wide 100% Surf Bonus.
Power Cash Stream, Lobby Hits, Top Hits 4 U and Lords of Lothar at the same time.
> Get a variable bonus when you surf T.E Racing League, Legacy Hits, Social Ad Surf and Ninja Surf together. You also get chances to play on the $30 match game.

Need To Earn XP for your team:

> For fast XP when you need it: List nerds email give you XP and mailing Credits. Just sign up create your account info and send your ads also. Have something that’s is working for you send it out to this list.
> Get XP fast here:  XP tasker  is a very nice platform for getting XP fast in a hurry! They have lots to give away!