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Are You Stick and Stay?

Hello Readers and Friends;
In all my time on line and in one program or the other, there is one thing that sticks out in my mind that I never herd until the last few years.  Are You Stick and Stay?

Why is that question so important you might be thinking!

Well when I became a team leader a few years ago that is one thing I look for in team members.
1. Do they program jump when things get tough and they need to do a bit of WORK themselves?
2. Do they have the dedication to make the time to do something every day?
3. Are they willing to try something new?
4. And can they work with a team?

These are important because if your building a team in your program “A” and you have a go getter at the beginning and then they start to slow down and soon they leave. They just caused a week link in the bond of the team. If they have a people signed up under them they just abandoned them. This puts stress on the team trying to stay focused and now having to help a orphaned member. Not that this orphan doesn’t need the same attention, but now he / she is getting advise from everyone. so now what is going to happen?

This orphan is now frustrated and gives up also! Leaving more orphans under them. Its a bad cycle.  So How do you fix this?

You really cant! But you can help to see what that member is doing that is causing him / her to feel that they are not succeeding.  Work close with your team and make sure they are all on the same page. Then take some time and look at what the opportunity is that this members is promoting, remember it doesn’t matter what program your in, 9 times out of 10 it is not the program that is not working but something you are doing.

Step back and take a good look at what the member is doing and make suggestion’s on how to improve. EX: If they have a Lead Capture Page, fill out the form and see what the messages are , is the format professional looking? Is the page too bland or does it have just enough bullet points to attract people. do the messages give enough info on the product or program is there contact info n it so that they can contact you and ask questions?

People do business with people they know  so get them to know you!
People do Business with people they Like!
People do Business with people they TRUST!

If You can cover all three your going to be a success.

If You cant then you need to work on you first.

You have to know what your weakness’ is and fix it!
You have to Like yourself If You don’t ! Why & Fix It!

Hope you enjoyed my rant !

Happy Holidays!


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Ok, Get Uncomfortable

WOW,  just listened to a Blab hosted by non other than Jon Olson, “The Pizza Plan”.

If this recording  doesn’t make you think you Can Do It, Then You better just sell your PC

Jon pulls no punches when he talks about how to make money on line.
No it is not easy, no it doesn’t promise you a pie in the sky, no it will not happen over night.
BUT, It will happen…   I have been on line for over 15 yrs now and one thing I can tell you for sure is I make money online. Am I at a 5 figure yearly income ? No I am not But I will be if I keep doing the things daily that are important.

So, what is important? START! and develop relationships with people who have the same goals in mind. Don’t put pressure on yourself because it did not happen today, refine what your doing. Go slow and gain a full understanding of the system your promoting, master one thing at a time. Share that knowledge with your team and your contacts. Us your auto responder to share with your list what you did today that worked.

Make sure to always be honest, friendly, and most of all offer your time up to help some one struggling.

You will go far:
After all “Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Good For Your Team” Share always!

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Welcome to The New Easy Team Blog.

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We teamed up some months ago to take what we both are strong in and combine it into a team.
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Now I ask that you be patient as we put this together..

We hope you will find it useful and continue to use the resources we provide.

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