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How To Set Up a Traffic Exchange Account

So, you joined a traffic exchange but are not quite sure what to do next? Well, Easy Team is here to help you get it all figured out to make the most of your new traffic exchange account.

Let’s use Chit Chat Traffic as an example. Most other sites will be a lot alike so it would be a good idea to bookmark this post for future reference,


Sign Up For Your Account

First of course is to sign up for your account. fill in all the required information, choose a user name and pass word, enter your click bank or Click Track Profit user names if asked. Enter capcha verification and click submit.

Tip~ use a gmail account for traffic exchanges.
Comcast, yahoo, hotmail, etc are not advertiser friendly and many will not allow you to white list a traffic exchange. Gmail is very advertiser friendly.

Once you submit your information, the site will send you an email with an account verification link. YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT!!! It should come right to your inbox, but often will get filtered to your spam or junk box. If your welcome email ended up in your spam/junk box first, move it to your inbox. Then simply white list the email address by coping it and pasting it into your address book/contact list.

Set Up Your Ads

Now that you have verified your account, the very first thing you should do is add your links to your opportunity or list building splash page. At the top of the page there will be a tab for ads. Under this tab you will choose sites. In the sites section give your site a title, this title will only be seen by you it is used to help you identify your site quickly. Then copy and paste your link in the space provided. Click Add to save your information.

Next step is to add a banner. Under the same Ads tab, choose banner. On the banner page you will enter the link to your image. This link should end in a .jpg .gif or other image file extension. The next space is for your link. Click save. When the page refreshes, your banner should show as it will be seen across the site.

Text ads are the next choice under the Ads tab. This is for your text ad for your business or opportunity. Enter a catchy phrase in the text space and put your link in the next one. Click save and that’s it.

Many sites require you to assign a certain percentage of your points or credits. This is good. It insures that your sites are always getting traffic, as long as you have credits. Chit Chat happens to require 60% of your credits. Assign the full 60 if just one site is added, split the credit between the amount of sites you add to your account.

With your ads set up, you are ready to start surfing for credits, or purchasing some if you prefer.

Don’t Forget To Fill The Downline Builder!

Many new comers to traffic exchange advertising forget or simply ignore the downline builder section. This is a big mistake! You are missing out on some signups! Most traffic exchanges have a downline builder section. In there are partner sites or links for other programs that the site owner has success with. If you are in any of the opportunities or businesses make sure you put your link in. Anyone who signs up to Chit Chat Traffic under you, will also fill in their downline builder, and if they are not a current member, they will sign up under you.

Now that your account is all set up, you are ready to go. Start surfing and gaining new visitors to your sites! Happy Surfing!


Season 6 at CTP Starts..

Hey There, hope your having a awesome day!

We are now 12 hours in and things seam to be rocking.
CTP Season 6 is about the members that have formed a team and are all working towards the same goal.

Those goals are:
1. Team work
2. List building
3. Promotions
4. Building relationships
5. Becoming someone that is a “Purple Cow”

Easyteam is a team built on integrity, never causing you to feel lesser than the other 🙂
Supporting and praising when a task has been completed, no right or wrong. Just your style.
They say “Listen To All and only act on a few” Find your own style and make it remarkable so that you stand out.
This is what Easyteam does, we go for it full throttle and don’t regret the loss  and rejoice in the win. We go all in with our heads held high always. No Regrets 🙂

To see more of who we are and what we do Join Here

Try Your Hand at being AWESOME and let us help you! 🙂

Kindest Regards;


P.S. Need more places to be seen
Legacy Team Coop is that place.

Easter at my place…

You read that right!

Easter is at Chit Chat Traffic and Click Track Profit.

Chit Chat Traffic is hosting 2 eggs this time around.
One eggs is mine and the second is a member egg in rotation.

We are having so much fun with this online eggs hunt and You can be a part of it as well.

Find as many eggs through out the CTP network of TEs and blogs involved and you could win a prize. The top 75 badge collectors will get $5.00. That’s awesome for not having to dig in the grass or search your whole house to find the left overs, and no shells to clean up.

Go give it a whirl and have some fun with us.
Join Chit Chat Traffic
Click Track Profit Today!

Happy Easter!

Don’t Make This Mistake… :(

Hello All,

Today I want to talk about a very big mistake I made using skype! 🙁

This is a lesson to all skype users.

Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend and collogue in regards to some place to do a launch.
She was telling me about this and that programs and a name was mentioned.
As we all no when you have to many conversations going at one time your contacts jump around and you some times slip up and put something in the wrong contact.

Well this is what happened to me yesterday, with out realizing it I posted something in the wrong chat and now it has turned ugly.

I did say oops and that it was not meant for XXXX but he did not believe me.

Sad cuz right after he went on a blab and said some hurtful things. I was devastated that XXX would think I would do such a thing. I respect this persons right to run his business anyhow he sees fit. And I do listen , not always do what is suggested buy I do listen.

Now, this has made me feel like my business will be damaged cuz of this.

I hope that he reads this and knows that it was not meant for him. Cuz I am doing all I can to build a good business the fair and honest way. Yes! its hard, YES! its not easy!  But XXX can cause it to break and that is scary.

I am putting this here so that all who use skype can not have this happen to them. Lesson learned watch who your typing to before you hit enter.

Comments Welcomed.

No Patience? To work your business….

Misc-Chat-iconHi All, today I was listening to a online blab about the steps to take for success! One of the things they talked about was HUSTLE, Now for most they don’t understand that to work online is you have to have that HUSTLE! How do you get HUSTLE? It comes from the why that put you on line in the first place.

For me it was that I needed and wanted to have the freedom to come and go as I please and no time clock to punch daily. My hustle comes from wanting it more than YOU!  I get up daily and boot up my PC make coffee and get started, some days I don’t even get dressed or comb my hair. Why? Cuz I want to check my email and connect with my team and see what they are doing that I can maybe help. I want to see who joined my list or posted to my blog overnight. Even check to see if the sales came in and to reach out and say thank you to them.

My Hustle is not for a list of 1000+ but to have people that are like minded and have the hustle that they need to do this online work for freedom.

But… here is my drawback, I have no Patience for not having it sooner then yesterday. 🙁
I want it now, I want it today, and that my friends is not how this works. It is a long lesson that needs discipline, every day I personally struggle with this. And ya know what … It is ok to feel this way. As you and I develop Patience all things will come as they should be. One thing you and I both can count on is that if you keep the hustle and work on the Patience part it will work.

Do NOT let anyone tell you it won’t. I have seen it so many times a friend or family member will put you down for the hustle you are putting in and you wind up QUITING!

You can do this just as much as I can, so if you need a boost of spirits connect and let’s talk no sales pitch, nadda, just want you to know that it is possible.

Ok that’s my two cents for today!
Leave your comments and have a GREAT day doing what you do best… HUSTLE! 🙂

The uncomfortable feeling of something nice

logo2Hey All,

Ok I have gone way beyond comfortable with a project I have been working on.
And the pay off is ITS WORKING!

So get your self to the level of uncomfortable that will take you to a good place!
What Have I done?

I created a new Traffic Exchange:

This is one project that is most definitely the most uncomfortable project I have ever worked on.
I went into a big hole, and have had so much stress over this. And now all I have to do now Is nurture it so it grows and can run with the big boys.

In the long run It will last a life time. So if you need to have some uncomfortable help just contact me and Ill tell ya how I did it and SURVIVED!

Join us in Chit Chat Traffic and get uncomfortable!

Thanks For reading today!

The courage to do something uncomfortable…

Hello Readers,

I know I’m bad for not posting daily!

BUT…. I have been secretly working on a special project..
Cant tell ya about it yet.   But keep watching cuz it will be Launching February 9th at 6:00PM EST.

If you would like to be in on something at the ground floor this will be the one to join!
I have some small programs that I own but this one took me way out of my comfort zone.

As I was working on it I went into debt, and that scared the hell out of me! But some one told me its going to be ok.
Because, I am getting to know this person, I trust and like him.
I am learning that you have to trust someone and not keep going it alone.

Yes! I work with teams, and team work does make the dream work!
But some times you just have to step out of that for yourself so you can grow.
As you grow your team will want to follow and you having done it will be a great help and support for them.

So.. what have you done today to get uncomfortable?

Keep watching for our announcement on what we are launching! 🙂

And A New Year Is Upon Us…

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Our Team is gearing up for another season. Everyone is already starting the warm up phase!

In Season 4 we did some amazing things as a team. We did make the finials and we did make it to 3rd place! It was an amazing journey for us, lots of friendships were formed along the way. Lots of growing and learning! So much fun!

We are about to embark on yet another journey, we are going to do a lot of work on list building and working on how to use responders and branding to get us even stronger!
No one on the team has said this is too hard or I cant do that!
Its all in the attitude, and how you approach the journey!

This year I personally want to be a better leader and friend. This year I want to want and that means to dream. This year I will have and will do!

That’s the attitude I will have and with that I do hope that you also will have the I want in 2016 and that you get it!

Are You Stick and Stay?

Hello Readers and Friends;
In all my time on line and in one program or the other, there is one thing that sticks out in my mind that I never herd until the last few years.  Are You Stick and Stay?

Why is that question so important you might be thinking!

Well when I became a team leader a few years ago that is one thing I look for in team members.
1. Do they program jump when things get tough and they need to do a bit of WORK themselves?
2. Do they have the dedication to make the time to do something every day?
3. Are they willing to try something new?
4. And can they work with a team?

These are important because if your building a team in your program “A” and you have a go getter at the beginning and then they start to slow down and soon they leave. They just caused a week link in the bond of the team. If they have a people signed up under them they just abandoned them. This puts stress on the team trying to stay focused and now having to help a orphaned member. Not that this orphan doesn’t need the same attention, but now he / she is getting advise from everyone. so now what is going to happen?

This orphan is now frustrated and gives up also! Leaving more orphans under them. Its a bad cycle.  So How do you fix this?

You really cant! But you can help to see what that member is doing that is causing him / her to feel that they are not succeeding.  Work close with your team and make sure they are all on the same page. Then take some time and look at what the opportunity is that this members is promoting, remember it doesn’t matter what program your in, 9 times out of 10 it is not the program that is not working but something you are doing.

Step back and take a good look at what the member is doing and make suggestion’s on how to improve. EX: If they have a Lead Capture Page, fill out the form and see what the messages are , is the format professional looking? Is the page too bland or does it have just enough bullet points to attract people. do the messages give enough info on the product or program is there contact info n it so that they can contact you and ask questions?

People do business with people they know  so get them to know you!
People do Business with people they Like!
People do Business with people they TRUST!

If You can cover all three your going to be a success.

If You cant then you need to work on you first.

You have to know what your weakness’ is and fix it!
You have to Like yourself If You don’t ! Why & Fix It!

Hope you enjoyed my rant !

Happy Holidays!