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How To Set Up a Traffic Exchange Account

So, you joined a traffic exchange but are not quite sure what to do next? Well, Easy Team is here to help you get it all figured out to make the most of your new traffic exchange account.

Let’s use Chit Chat Traffic as an example. Most other sites will be a lot alike so it would be a good idea to bookmark this post for future reference,


Sign Up For Your Account

First of course is to sign up for your account. fill in all the required information, choose a user name and pass word, enter your click bank or Click Track Profit user names if asked. Enter capcha verification and click submit.

Tip~ use a gmail account for traffic exchanges.
Comcast, yahoo, hotmail, etc are not advertiser friendly and many will not allow you to white list a traffic exchange. Gmail is very advertiser friendly.

Once you submit your information, the site will send you an email with an account verification link. YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT!!! It should come right to your inbox, but often will get filtered to your spam or junk box. If your welcome email ended up in your spam/junk box first, move it to your inbox. Then simply white list the email address by coping it and pasting it into your address book/contact list.

Set Up Your Ads

Now that you have verified your account, the very first thing you should do is add your links to your opportunity or list building splash page. At the top of the page there will be a tab for ads. Under this tab you will choose sites. In the sites section give your site a title, this title will only be seen by you it is used to help you identify your site quickly. Then copy and paste your link in the space provided. Click Add to save your information.

Next step is to add a banner. Under the same Ads tab, choose banner. On the banner page you will enter the link to your image. This link should end in a .jpg .gif or other image file extension. The next space is for your link. Click save. When the page refreshes, your banner should show as it will be seen across the site.

Text ads are the next choice under the Ads tab. This is for your text ad for your business or opportunity. Enter a catchy phrase in the text space and put your link in the next one. Click save and that’s it.

Many sites require you to assign a certain percentage of your points or credits. This is good. It insures that your sites are always getting traffic, as long as you have credits. Chit Chat happens to require 60% of your credits. Assign the full 60 if just one site is added, split the credit between the amount of sites you add to your account.

With your ads set up, you are ready to start surfing for credits, or purchasing some if you prefer.

Don’t Forget To Fill The Downline Builder!

Many new comers to traffic exchange advertising forget or simply ignore the downline builder section. This is a big mistake! You are missing out on some signups! Most traffic exchanges have a downline builder section. In there are partner sites or links for other programs that the site owner has success with. If you are in any of the opportunities or businesses make sure you put your link in. Anyone who signs up to Chit Chat Traffic under you, will also fill in their downline builder, and if they are not a current member, they will sign up under you.

Now that your account is all set up, you are ready to go. Start surfing and gaining new visitors to your sites! Happy Surfing!