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Season 6 at CTP Starts..

Hey There, hope your having a awesome day!

We are now 12 hours in and things seam to be rocking.
CTP Season 6 is about the members that have formed a team and are all working towards the same goal.

Those goals are:
1. Team work
2. List building
3. Promotions
4. Building relationships
5. Becoming someone that is a “Purple Cow”

Easyteam is a team built on integrity, never causing you to feel lesser than the other 🙂
Supporting and praising when a task has been completed, no right or wrong. Just your style.
They say “Listen To All and only act on a few” Find your own style and make it remarkable so that you stand out.
This is what Easyteam does, we go for it full throttle and don’t regret the loss  and rejoice in the win. We go all in with our heads held high always. No Regrets 🙂

To see more of who we are and what we do Join Here

Try Your Hand at being AWESOME and let us help you! 🙂

Kindest Regards;


P.S. Need more places to be seen
Legacy Team Coop is that place.