Out Of My Comfort Zone Again… :)

Hey There!

Well today I decided to visit some advertising resources I have let go for a while , I was very busy with CTP competitions. I have been reevaluating my advertising and the result’s I have been getting. And sad to say I think because I use the same places day in and day out my results are falling short of what I expected. 🙁

So today, I am working on mailers and traffic exchanges that don’t have anything to do with CTP That I have forgotten about. 🙂 Over the next few days I plan on getting all my accounts reinstated and working in my favor again. This time I am focused on a daily schedule.

Monday will be CTP and team stuff
Tuesday will be strictly for mailers for 6 hours
Wednesday Touch base again with the team and CTP
Thursday will be for all the Traffic exchanges that I put aside
Friday will be email marketing with all my responders
Saturday and Sunday I will spend doing what I want.

Now I am hoping that I can increase my results and be satisfied with my new plan.

So Being in that uncomfortable place again is a force to be reckoned with, it will make or break you. And I am not one to be broken, I might go down at times but I will pull my head out of my booty and get back at it. Im not perfect and don’t pretend to be, but I could be powerful if I let myself be. 🙂

Have a Great Day 🙂

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