Don’t Make This Mistake… :(

Hello All,

Today I want to talk about a very big mistake I made using skype! 🙁

This is a lesson to all skype users.

Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend and collogue in regards to some place to do a launch.
She was telling me about this and that programs and a name was mentioned.
As we all no when you have to many conversations going at one time your contacts jump around and you some times slip up and put something in the wrong contact.

Well this is what happened to me yesterday, with out realizing it I posted something in the wrong chat and now it has turned ugly.

I did say oops and that it was not meant for XXXX but he did not believe me.

Sad cuz right after he went on a blab and said some hurtful things. I was devastated that XXX would think I would do such a thing. I respect this persons right to run his business anyhow he sees fit. And I do listen , not always do what is suggested buy I do listen.

Now, this has made me feel like my business will be damaged cuz of this.

I hope that he reads this and knows that it was not meant for him. Cuz I am doing all I can to build a good business the fair and honest way. Yes! its hard, YES! its not easy!  But XXX can cause it to break and that is scary.

I am putting this here so that all who use skype can not have this happen to them. Lesson learned watch who your typing to before you hit enter.

Comments Welcomed.

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One thought on “Don’t Make This Mistake… :(

  1. pammor54

    This has happened to me many times.It is also due to slow speed going suddenly.What happens actually is I would have wanted this to be postd in a place and would have clicked that contact and started to type.Once typing is over it is a usual instinct to press enter and once it is posted only we realise that it is in a wrong place.What can be done is to remve the conversation immediately and that is it.This can happen to any one.


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