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No Patience? To work your business….

Misc-Chat-iconHi All, today I was listening to a online blab about the steps to take for success! One of the things they talked about was HUSTLE, Now for most they don’t understand that to work online is you have to have that HUSTLE! How do you get HUSTLE? It comes from the why that put you on line in the first place.

For me it was that I needed and wanted to have the freedom to come and go as I please and no time clock to punch daily. My hustle comes from wanting it more than YOU!  I get up daily and boot up my PC make coffee and get started, some days I don’t even get dressed or comb my hair. Why? Cuz I want to check my email and connect with my team and see what they are doing that I can maybe help. I want to see who joined my list or posted to my blog overnight. Even check to see if the sales came in and to reach out and say thank you to them.

My Hustle is not for a list of 1000+ but to have people that are like minded and have the hustle that they need to do this online work for freedom.

But… here is my drawback, I have no Patience for not having it sooner then yesterday. 🙁
I want it now, I want it today, and that my friends is not how this works. It is a long lesson that needs discipline, every day I personally struggle with this. And ya know what … It is ok to feel this way. As you and I develop Patience all things will come as they should be. One thing you and I both can count on is that if you keep the hustle and work on the Patience part it will work.

Do NOT let anyone tell you it won’t. I have seen it so many times a friend or family member will put you down for the hustle you are putting in and you wind up QUITING!

You can do this just as much as I can, so if you need a boost of spirits connect and let’s talk no sales pitch, nadda, just want you to know that it is possible.

Ok that’s my two cents for today!
Leave your comments and have a GREAT day doing what you do best… HUSTLE! 🙂

The uncomfortable feeling of something nice

logo2Hey All,

Ok I have gone way beyond comfortable with a project I have been working on.
And the pay off is ITS WORKING!

So get your self to the level of uncomfortable that will take you to a good place!
What Have I done?

I created a new Traffic Exchange:

This is one project that is most definitely the most uncomfortable project I have ever worked on.
I went into a big hole, and have had so much stress over this. And now all I have to do now Is nurture it so it grows and can run with the big boys.

In the long run It will last a life time. So if you need to have some uncomfortable help just contact me and Ill tell ya how I did it and SURVIVED!

Join us in Chit Chat Traffic and get uncomfortable!

Thanks For reading today!

The courage to do something uncomfortable…

Hello Readers,

I know I’m bad for not posting daily!

BUT…. I have been secretly working on a special project..
Cant tell ya about it yet.   But keep watching cuz it will be Launching February 9th at 6:00PM EST.

If you would like to be in on something at the ground floor this will be the one to join!
I have some small programs that I own but this one took me way out of my comfort zone.

As I was working on it I went into debt, and that scared the hell out of me! But some one told me its going to be ok.
Because, I am getting to know this person, I trust and like him.
I am learning that you have to trust someone and not keep going it alone.

Yes! I work with teams, and team work does make the dream work!
But some times you just have to step out of that for yourself so you can grow.
As you grow your team will want to follow and you having done it will be a great help and support for them.

So.. what have you done today to get uncomfortable?

Keep watching for our announcement on what we are launching! 🙂