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Another Way Easy Team Makes Money

Easy Team is always looking for ways to make money.
Panda Profits just came across my desk from some very reliable creators.

If you like pay to read and PPC you will love this one.

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Most people I work with use this type of income systems to create the income they need for better opportunities. They earn from here and pay for their upgrades in something else.
No need to take you personal house money to work on line, if you don’t mind doing the hard work!

This one I back 100%..  Cuz you will earn here.


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Failure Is Not On My List….

Hey All, Over the last few days I have been listening to some Blab’s that CTP Jon Olson has been doing. For the most part the content is awesome, and makes me look at what Im doing every day to build my business. The one thing that always gets talked about is using an auto responder. Using a leads capture page and not using a splash page.

Here’s what I have learned years ago about this subject!

Take it or leave it, for me I like building relationship’s, and creating  curiosity, Curiosity? Why?

Well, I belong to Lead Generating Tools, and I want to bring in as many as I can to this program.
I have tried using just splash pages that were made by the owner to promote LGT, They did not work for me. I was tracking my hits and comparing them to my signups and the numbers just did not add up. The ROI was real bad.

I took another look at what I was doing and decided to set up my tools autoresponder inside the LGT System. The system has messages that my subscribers receive right away when they confirm. Ok This is great I have a auto responder and messages but how in hell am I going to get people to sign up? I was missing something of real importance.

Do You know what that is? No! Well let me tell ya, its a lead capture page that holds the autoresponder sign up form.

Ok all good, so where do you get that?

1. Purchase your own piece of the internet realistate.  A domain Name. Your name so you can start being recognized.
2. Now you have realistate you can create your own unique to you lead capture pages that you will host on your domain.
3. If you don’t know how or cant create your pages ask for help, Katrina & I both do web design and we would love to show you how to do it also.
4. Now you have a responder and a lead capture page. Yea your almost ready for leads that want what you are offering!
5. How do you get leads, well silly you need to advertise that page everywhere you can add a link or text ad or banner. If you belong to safe lists start there and add a new promotion.
If you belong to Traffic Exchanges add it there, post it to your friends on FB and ask them to share it with their friends. Always place it where you can do advertising.

Now you have a domain and a responder you can create a website with recommended By >>>Your name. You can also create a blog an blog about what is working for you and give tips and tricks.

When you do get your subscribers DO NOT try to sell to them, you’ll make them run away.
Build up relationships, use your responder to communicate with them, tell them a bit about you and why you work from home. Find things that you both have in common, and build a relationship off that. Remember people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Need help let us know, we started with LGT and its easy when you know how and have real help.

Ok, Get Uncomfortable

WOW,  just listened to a Blab hosted by non other than Jon Olson, “The Pizza Plan”.

If this recording  doesn’t make you think you Can Do It, Then You better just sell your PC

Jon pulls no punches when he talks about how to make money on line.
No it is not easy, no it doesn’t promise you a pie in the sky, no it will not happen over night.
BUT, It will happen…   I have been on line for over 15 yrs now and one thing I can tell you for sure is I make money online. Am I at a 5 figure yearly income ? No I am not But I will be if I keep doing the things daily that are important.

So, what is important? START! and develop relationships with people who have the same goals in mind. Don’t put pressure on yourself because it did not happen today, refine what your doing. Go slow and gain a full understanding of the system your promoting, master one thing at a time. Share that knowledge with your team and your contacts. Us your auto responder to share with your list what you did today that worked.

Make sure to always be honest, friendly, and most of all offer your time up to help some one struggling.

You will go far:
After all “Knowledge is Power and Knowledge is Good For Your Team” Share always!

Have You Ever…..

Really truly looked into what makes a team and what causes you to fail?

Hello readers and guests,

There has been lots of talk lately about teams that don’t do as promised and teams that cause you to fail! I for one am a team leader and I never want to cause anyone to fail, that would be awful. But some times you have to take a step back and really look at what is happening and why some one is failing. Is it the team & the leader or is it something else?

I came across two great reads today that Im going to share with you.

Now, If you’re on a team and your failing reevaluate what your doing!
Are you doing all you can to help yourself and the team?
If not, maybe ask your team leader for some assistance on how you can be better, not only for yourself but the sake of the team.

One weak link can cause failure for the whole team.

Well, I leave you to ponder this and to see what you do next!

Believe and Achieve…..

Hi there, I’ve been real busy the past few days, but want to get this post up!

~Easy Team surfing team has made it to 10 W – 1 L 🙂
I’m real pleased with how our team has come together. We are doing so much as a team and the results speak for them self!

The past few days our team has been learning to use a new tool to help us increase our surfing speed and time. It is called Traffic Browser . We are learning how to maximize our time.
Everyone on the team is now understanding this program and we highly recommend it to anyone who is using traffic exchanges to promote a opportunity or business.

We have a solid team, see us here. See anyone you know? Ask them about us!

(EZT) Easy Team Wins Again, BUT………….

Hello Everyone, We did it again!

5W – 0L Congratulations everyone one the team!

But we still have some very stiff competitors to go up against. Teams that know how to play the game for keeps. But, as strong as our team is and the dedication you have we just “might” cause the biggest upset in CTP history. Now, if that statement didn’t just paint a big target on us, I don’t know what else would! 🙂

EZT is just 7 months old, and we have gone thru members that thought they wanted to do this and in fact just couldn’t hang. This is ok, cuz EZT is using the funnel system. And we have a wonderful group of people who want to play, learn, like, and trust. They all do something new everyday! Some came in to our team just a few short weeks ago not understanding why they are locked in and why they cant leave.

Some came because they have seen how hard we are working and building relations. We are building on interigarty  and trust. Easy Team is a team that you can trust. No hype no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence. EVER!!!

On That note we still have a lot of work to do and we are all joining arms as we move forward.
Our Team is AWESOME!