Monthly Archives: October 2015

Our Team Is Amazing

The team we have is so amazing, they show up every day and learn something new.
They always have good questions, and like to support each other.
Easyteam is definitely living up to its name.  Members of the team are building lists, relationships and so much more.

Katrina Co-Leader is an amazing leader herself, she has dealt with the awe fullest thing anyone could , her husband has cancer and the trials that were laid in her lap have literally bought out the best determination I have ever seen from anyone. She still showed up and offered help to anyone who needed it! I am very proud that Katrina is my partner and co-leader!

Our team has what we call “GREENIES” and they are being turned into leaders as they learn, we have a gentleman who now has a team of his own starting , but he is still very green himself. He is not letting that stop him, Raj is doing what he learned with his team mates now and still showing up every day and doing something so he can get stronger!

So proud of this amazing group we have created. We are growing stronger everyday!

Way To Go Team! 🙂

Team Work At It Best

Today EasyTeam took our members by the hand and helped them create their LGT (Lead Generating Tools) accounts. As Free members they have the ability to use our tools for as long as they like. They even have responders that are setup and hosted by LGT for them, so now our team can cut costs by using LGT for list building.

Watch for their pages as your walking thru Traffic Exchanges and reading those emails.

We have the most eager to learn team in the whole world, and we are doing it Easy Team Style.
One step at a time!