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Welcome to The New Easy Team Blog.

My name is Debra Chism and my partner is Katrina Oakley.

We teamed up some months ago to take what we both are strong in and combine it into a team.
We both belong to the same programs that we will talk about on this blog.
We will keep you up to the minute on everything that is working for us and the team..

Now I ask that you be patient as we put this together..

We hope you will find it useful and continue to use the resources we provide.

Debra Chism
Katrina Oakley

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I'm an eager outgoing woman who can not stand to see the older folks be with out heat and comfort. I am also an internet marketer coach and support assistant, on line for 15+ years. Believe me I have see it all good and bad.. But Never giving up... Rich Yes... With Money No!.... Following my dream. YES! I'm a wife, a mom & a grandma... Life is good!

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